CJ Chicken and Cilantro Mini Wontons and Giveaway

A few weeks ago, a representative from CJ Foods contacted me asking if I would be interested in sharing about CJ’s Korean dumplings with my readers. CJ Foods is a U.S. subsidiary of CJ Corp., one of the largest food production companies in Korea. At first, the idea of commercially made dumplings didn’t appear to fit my blog’s home-cooking theme. The reality is that we don’t always have time for homemade dumplings, and sometimes all of us can use quick and convenient alternatives. So, I decided to give them a try.

The first thing I liked about these Chicken and Cilantro Mini Wontons was that they are made with all natural ingredients and no trans fat. The filling is made with chicken, cabbage, cilantro, bean thread noodles, green onion, garlic and various seasonings. The dough is wheat flour. They come in fully cooked. The package says these wontons are “inspired by a Korean dumpling called mandu“.

The package shows how to pan fry, use in a soup, microwave, and boil the wontons. For my taste testing, I pan fried, boiled, microwaved and deep fried. They cooked up nicely in all cases. The skins of these little dumplings were surprisingly resilient. My favorite was the deep-fried version. They were crispy and tasty. The filling had a good texture – smooth and firm with the vegetables, meat and noodles still distinguishable. The flavor of the cilantro was very subtle, which I didn’t think was necessarily a bad thing for a Korean taste because cilantro is not a traditional Korean flavor. The filling was well seasoned and tasted pretty good. But, I personally thought each bite would have given a more satisfying feel if they were a little bigger. Those who are used to traditional Korean mandu made with pork, beef, shrimp and/or kimchi might find the chicken version a little bit bland. If that’s you, definitely use a dipping sauce or even deep fry to add more flavors.

The dipping sauce recipe provided in the back of the package is for 4 servings (16 dumplings) and involves 7 tablespoons of liquid (soy sauce, water, and vinegar). This is way too much sauce for 16 little dumplings. When my husband and I shared 16 dumplings, we didn’t even use up 1 tablespoon of the sauce each of us had.

The package serving size is 4 pieces, and servings per a 2-pound package are about 24, although I strongly doubt anyone can stop eating after 4 of these little bites. These little precooked dumplings are very versatile. In addition to the package serving suggestions, these will be a great addition to a bowl of instant ramyeon/ramen and even to kimchi jjigae. Or, you can pan fry and mix them in to tteokbokki (spicy stir-fried rice cakes). There are plenty in the package to experiment with different preparations.

Overall, we thought these mini dumplings tasted pretty good. They are definitely cute, kid-friendly, and versatile. I am not going to tell you to stop making dumplings at home. But, if you are looking for something convenient (and economical) in your freezer for a quick snack or meal, this is a great option for you. You should try them.

These are available in 2-pound bags at Costco for $6.99. According to the CJ rep, they are available in different parts of the country at Costco and will soon be in national grocery and health stores. She said that this line of dumplings is specifically for the U.S. Market, so they are only available in the U.S. See their Facebook page for ongoing updates on distribution, news, and more (www.facebook.com/cjfoods).


To enter the giveaway, simply leave a comment on this page stating how you are following this blog (e.g., via Google friend connect, Feedburner, Facebook) and your favorite Korean food. Unfortunately, the giveaway is only open to readers in the U.S. (including Hawaii and Alaska). It will be open until midnight (Eastern Standard time) Sunday, October 16, 2011. Each of the two lucky winners will receive two packages of CJ Chicken and Cilantro Mini Wontons shipped from CJ Foods.

(Note: I have not received any compensation for this review other than the samples to try out for this review.)

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  1. I follow you on fb...I love these mini ManDu, they carry them at my Costco. My favorite Korean food...so many to choose from, GopeChang JunGole or anything with Kimchi in it.
  2. I follow using Google reader. My favorite Korean foods (since I can't pick just one) are bibimbap, doenjang chigae and hoddeok.
  3. I follow you using Google Reader as well.
    My favorite Korean foods are galbitang, japchae, kimbap, mandu w/ rice, and lots more!
  4. I follow using Google reader too! My favorite Korean food is definitely gal-bi and that bingsoo dessert. :)
  5. I follow using google reader. My favorite Korean food is bibimbap. YUM!!
  6. Hi,

    I follow your blog through google connect.
    My favourite dish is Kalbi, Bibimbab, Tteokbokki and mandu kuk.
  7. I follow your blog via Google Reader! My favorite dishes are galbi, dahk dori tang, budae jjigae and jjambbong! :)
  8. It's a Korean company but from the package I don't see anything that looks Korean... it's more toward American general public and most probably think it's Chinese food from "wontons". Very interesting business technique. I follow you from facebook & google reader. If I have to pick just one dish...then I'd say Bibimbab...all time favorite! I agree - we are sometimes too busy to make from scratch, but we can rely on this when we are too busy but still want something similar. :-)
  9. I discovered this blog thru Tasteologie & just check back regularly
  10. I follow you through blogger. I actually don't know the name of my favorite korean dish :( I do know that it's dried shredded cuddle fish that is fiery red, slightly sweet, pretty spicy, and very salty. It's so good!

    My mom was adopted from Korea when she was eight, so she remembers the food but not the language.
  11. I love these yummy dumplings...regardless of the fact if they're Korean, or not! There's so many different ways of making them. I love them in soup, as well:DDD
    I follow you on your blog through Google Friend connect!
    Great Giveaway!
  12. I follow on google reader. I love your recipes but my favorite korean food is my mom's kimchi!
  13. Andrew L. says:
    Another Google reader user here. So far my favorite Korean dish is galbi, but I have much to learn!
  14. Tan Yee Lin says:
    I follow you through google reader. I love bibimbap and would love to try out the dumplings
  15. Eugene Kim says:
    friend of a friend of a friend referred to me this site and looks like I'll be sticking around to read some more!

    hmm favorite korean dish...as of right now a hearty GomTtang sounds great...
  16. Just stumbled upon your blog on my galbi recipe search. Glad I found it, I'm now following you on google reader :)
    Favorite Korean food...it's too hard to pick one, but I've been craving for some gamjatang recently (despite the warm weather here!), so I'd go with that.
    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity, I'd love to try these cute mandu!
  17. I follow this using My Yahoo. One of my favorite Korean dishes is Bulgogi, but I haven't met a Korean dish, I didn't like!
  18. I love bibimbap! We order it everytime we go to a Korean restaurant!
  19. I use google reader. I love dakkalbi!
  20. Hi!
    I discovered your blog from RasaMalaysia.com.
    My favourite Korean food if I have to choose just one is kimchi jjigae.
    I'm going to check on your blog often and try your recipes.
    Thank you for such a lovely blog!
  21. just found you and subscribed to you on google reader! i love spicy pork and chap chae!!
  22. I follow via facebook. I love bibambop and galbi short ribs!
  23. I read from google reader! My favorites are kimchijigae, galbi,and soondubujigae!
  24. I am reading this through Google but I usually follow this blog through facebook. My favorite Korean food is Kim Chi--I think that is why I like the marinades so much--that spicy taste, but not so spicy that you cannot taste the flavor of the food. I read over the one for chicken wings that you made for a superbowl party. Well, I will not wait for SuperBowl to try it. I like this write up for these mini-wontons. I especially like that you tried them every way they can be cooked.
  25. CJ mini mandus are delish. KOREAN FOOD COMPANIES: please use more HANGUL words! Show/teach Korean pride and may you make lots of $$$ doing so. Compare and contrast japanese labeling vs Korean labeling; japanese always use japanese words, eg soba is soba, not "japanese" or "oriental" buckwheat noodles. Another example, there's a hair salon that's called "Scissor Sound" but the hangul sign says: kawi sori, phonetically. Just stick w/ kawi sori. Just call them MANDU!
  26. I follow you on Facebook and my fav Korean food is Kimchi!
  27. the soup recipe on the back of the package (using baby bok choy) is very good too!
  28. pam metcalf says:
    I enjoyed my mini wonton so very much they were easy to use when I made wonton soup and just to nibble on I just warm them up in the microwave with water.