Roundup of Korean Soups for Cold Days

This winter has been a harsh one across much of the United States. Another massive snow storm is moving up the East Coast right now. Between tonight and tomorrow afternoon, we are expecting the biggest snow storm of the season in the Washington, D.C. area. It’s just been way too cold. All I’ve wanted to eat these days is a warm bowl of soup. Here’s a quick roundup of Korean soups to warm you up! Stay warm and safe!


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  1. ..wanted to look at Dried Pollock Soup but both, picture and text, bring recipe of Mushroom Hot pot.. Could you fix this link - I'm really curious about that dry pollock soup? Thank you! BTW, pictures are great, all soups looks awesome!

    Bukeoguk (Dried Pollock Soup)
  2. great pictures, very comforting dishes.
  3. it look nice,delicious and healthy.
  4. Yum....I love love hot comforting soups all year round, but especially during the cold winter months. It hasn't gotten that cold in socali as it has in other parts of the US, but still! I've been really eating some of those soups you have listed, a lot lately. I can never get enough! Right now I am craving kongnamul kimchi guk! So soothing!