A Few of My Favorite Things This Summer

Tomatoes in my vegetable garden
Grape tomatoes
Round zucchini

Korean cucumbers
Perilla leaves (kkaennip/ggaennip)
This is how it all began…
Wild berries in my backyard
You want to guess what I’ve been making with these live blue crabs?
Washington Square, NYC
NYC from Williamsburg Bridge – Moving my daughter from Brooklyn to Ann Arbor, MI
En route to Ann Arbor on I-80 W

Ann Arbor, MI

Pickled tomatoes at Mani Osteria, Ann Arbor
Beautiful drive home – Ohio cornfields along I-80 E

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  1. Frugal Flo says

    Did you “pickle” the crabs in soysauce? I forgot the name of the fish but I always wanted to learn and try the taste. Congratulations on a beautiful and successful move for your daughter 🙂 I hour your husband tended to the garden while you were in NY so they wouldn’t dry up hehe

    • Yes, that’s called “ganjang gejang”. I also made spicy gejang. The recipes are coming soon. Well, actually my husband was the driver, and I was enjoying the ride, taking photos. Thanks to a relative who took care of the garden while we were gone. Hope you’re having a great summer. Thanks for coming by.

  2. kumars kitchen says

    such an adorable and bountiful garden 🙂

  3. Amazing garden!

  4. Let me know when you are in Ann Arbor next to visit your daughter! We could have a glass of wine together, if you care…I have found your recipes so helpful!

  5. Ah, but we only got back around that time from a trip. Send me an email next time you get into town! Would be lovely to meet you.