Tteokguk (Rice Cake Soup) – Ddeokguk/Ddukguk

This post was updated on January 1, 2013. Please visit here for the recipe.

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  1. Anonymous says:
    i used to eat this as a kid. i used to call it "rice bomb" soup!
  2. I just made this for new year's! Thanks!
  3. Thank you, Hannah, for trying out my recipe. Hope you liked it. Happy New Year!
  4. A couple of weeks ago I bought a package of tteok.
    At that time I did not really know, what could I do with it, but I was intrigued by it. Now I found a great recipe :-).
    Thanks a lot for posting it and Happy New Year!
  5. Thank you, Miss Lemon. Hope it turns out great for you. Happy New Year!
  6. Delicious! Wonderful tasty soup!
  7. What a beautiful soup, Hyosun! Thank you sharing this, and Happy New Year to you.
  8. Anonymous says:
    Funny, growing up as a kid we would call it "ear soup" because they kind of look like ears. We would always put sticky rice in a bowl and then add the soup on top of it and have kimchi or spicy bean sprouts on the side! I need to figure out how my Mom makes it. :-)
  9. amish baby crib says:
    What a very lovely dish this is! I find it really interesting. I think I should try making this.
  10. Anonymous says:
    I put some tofu in it for vegan version. Very tasty. Then I forgot to put seaweed..anyhow great dish.
  11. hyongsherain says:
    Wow I am really amazed to come across this site, Amazing food that i alz wanted to try. Thanks, My love for Korea and Korean Cuisine keeps growing more and more.