Pa Muchim (Scallion Salad)

Pa muchim (scallion salad)

Green onions, also known as scallions, are called pa (파) in Korean. When julienned, they’re called pachae (파채). Pachae muchim (파채무침), also called pa muchim (파무침) or pajeori (파절이), is a seasoned scallion side dish that’s highly popular with grilled meat dishes. It is particularly popular with meat dishes that are grilled unseasoned such as samgyupsal gui. It’s also great with bossam or my slow cooker pork belly (samgyupsal).

Pa muchim (scallion salad)

Pachae muchim is so popular that there are even special cutters for julienning scallions in Korea. More conveniently, julienned scallions are sold at markets in Korea. I’ve seen them sold at Korean markets around here as well. My Korean butcher shop gives out complimentary julienned scallions when I buy meat from them. If you have to cut it yourself, it’s not that hard with a regular knife. It doesn’t have to be cut perfectly uniform. Once soaked in cold water to remove a bit of pungency and slimy substance, the scallions become perky and nicely curly.

There are several ways to dress up the scallions. One popular way is to simply toss them with sesame oil, gochugaru, and sesame seeds. This is a nice option when serving with ssamjang for ssam (lettuce wraps). Due to the lack of salt, it stays fresh longer, so this version is favored by restaurants.

Another option is to fully season by also adding either soy sauce or salt along with sugar and vinegar. Once the salt content is added, the scallions wilt down very quickly, so be sure to dress it right before serving.

Pa muchim (scallion salad)

I am showing you how to make both options here. Try them both and see which one you like better! The measurements here are only guidelines, adjust to your taste.

Wondering how to keep your leftover scallions fresh? Have you had scallions go bad in the fridge? In the winter, I keep them in a glass of water. They stay fresh and even grow taller. During warm weather, I plant them in a pot of soil, and pull them whenever I need to use them.Continue reading