Yangnyeom Gejang (Spicy Raw Crabs)

Spicy marinated raw crabs

Yangnyeom gejang (양념게장) is a spicy marinated raw crab dish. As I mentioned in my ganjang gejang (간장게장) recipe, gejang (게장) is a traditional dish that used to be marinated in a very salty soy sauce brine as a way of preserving the crabs for a long time. These days, the crabs are lightly preserved, in either a mild soy sauce-based brine (ganjang gejang) or in a spicy sauce (yangnyeom gejang), to be consumed within a few days.

In Korea, there are numerous gejang specialty restaurants serving both types of gejang, but we are not as lucky here in the U.S. You may have seen this dish served as part of the side dish (banchan) spread at some Korean restaurants in the U.S. It’s not that common, so my family considers it a real treat when we see it at a restaurant.

Spicy marinated raw crabs

Female crabs with roe are preferred by Koreans for making gejang because seasoned crab roe is delicious! In Korea, gejang quality is partially determined by the amount of roe and tomalley in the crabs. It’s icing on the cake! Of course, you can also use male crabs. The most important thing is to buy the freshest crabs. Freezing them will help with cleaning. Clean the crabs very well under running water.

spicy raw crabs

Making the spicy version is fairly simple. Prepare the seasoning (yangnyeom), clean the crabs, and mix with the seasoning. For ganjang gejang, the whole crabs are soaked in a soy brine. On the other hand, for yangnyeom gejang, the crabs are opened and cut into pieces before being marinated, for the sauce to coat and penetrate the crab meat.

This slightly sweet, salty, spicy marinated crab dish will certainly live up to its reputation for being a “rice thief” (밥도둑). Be ready to enjoy with lots of rice!

Spicy raw crabs

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