Tteok Sanjeok (Skewered Rice Cake with Beef and Vegetables)

skewered rice cake with beef and vegetables

Sanjeok is a variety of jeok – skewered meat and vegetables. Unlike some other jeok varieties, sanjeok is not flour- or egg-battered. The ingredients are skewered and then grilled or pan-fried. Tteok (rice cake) sanjeok is made with garaetteok, which is unsweetened rice cake that’s shaped like a long cylinder. 

Garaetteok is abundant this time of year because it’s cut into oval slices and used to make tteokguk (soup made with rice cakes), a must-have New Year dish. I used regular size garaetteok in this recipe, which I cut into short strips. Day old rice cakes will be best for cutting. You can use thinner ones that are made for tteokbokki (spicy stir-fried rice cakes) instead if you’d like. Beef, mushrooms and scallions are traditional accompaniments, but you can use any meat or vegetables of your choice.

This colorful, nutritionally well-balanced skewers will be a great addition to your Lunar New Year table!

skewered rice cake with beef and vegetables

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