Wanjajeon (Pan-fried Meatballs in Egg Batter)

Next Monday, September 8, is Chuseok (Korean harvest/mid-autumn festival). Most Korean homes make several types of jeon dishes (pan-fried battered food) for their holiday feast. Wanjajeon is among the popular choices. Meatballs are called gogi wanja in Korean and used in many traditional dishes such as soups or hotpots. When they are egg-battered and pan-fried, they are called wanjajeon. They are also commonly called donggeurangddaeng, meaning a round thing.

To make jeon, the meatballs are gently pressed into mini patties. I prefer to use a mixture of beef and pork, but you can also use all beef or all pork. To achieve a smooth texture, take extra time to finely chop the vegetables and mix all the ingredients very well by hand. The meat patties can be prepared ahead of time and pan-fried on the day of serving. Enjoy it on your Chuseok table or simply as an appetizer or side dish with any meal.

wanjajeon 1

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