Crispy Guljeon (Korean-style Oyster Fritters)

Crispy Guljeon (Korean-style oyster fritters)

Do you like oysters? I hope you do because I have another oyster recipe to share today! If you remember my Trip to Korea Part 1 post, I talked about our first meal in Korea at a restaurant specializing in oyster dishes. We ordered guljeon (굴전, pan-fried battered oysters) to share. To everyone’s delight, what came out was a big plate full of golden brown, fritter-like oyster treats — nothing like the guljeon I was expecting. Traditionally, guljeon is egg battered and individually pan fried. The restaurant’s version was made with the typical savory pancake batter like the one used for pajeon, loaded with oysters, and fried to perfection!  I’ve recreated it here for you!  

First things first, oysters are seasonal during cold months. I’m sure you’ve heard the advice “only eat oysters in months that contain the letter “R” (September through April). If you’re in Korea, you should be able to find the freshest oysters all over the country right now. We can find some of those, in a frozen state, in Korean markets around here. Jarred fresh oysters are fine for this recipe as well. Continue reading