Korean Chicken Salad with Pine Nut Dressing

This simple chicken salad recipe is made with shredded breast meat and a Korean pine nut dressing! It’s a healthy dish you can easily make for a quick lunch. Or, double/triple the recipe for a potluck or Korean BBQ party.

Korean chicken salad on a bed of spring mix with a fork

This Korean chicken salad is made with a traditional pine nut dressing. No mayonnaise! The pine nut dressing is light, creamy, nutty, and tangy! It certainly is a healthier option for you.  Chicken salad is called dak naengchae (닭냉채) in Korean. Dak means chicken, and naengchae refers to a cold salad type that’s typically served with some sort of protein and a traditional dressing such as this pine nut dressing and hot mustard dressing.

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