Kimchi Mandu (Kimchi Dumplings)

These Korean dumplings filled with a kimchi mixture are highly popular in Korea. If you like kimchi, you’ll love this dumpling recipe. Kimchi adds tons of spicy and savory flavors!

Kimchi mandu (Korean dumplings made with kimchi)

What’s your favorite dumpling variation? Filled with a kimchi mixture, these Korean dumplings, known as kimchi mandu (김치 만두), are highly popular in Korea. Needless to say, kimchi adds tons of spicy and savory flavors to the dumplings.

Kimchi mandu is great for making soup, such as manduguk (dumpling soup) or tteok-manduguk (tteokguk with dumplings), which is a must-eat New Year’s dish. As such, it’s a popular dumpling variation for the New Year’s feast. Kimchi mandu gives nice flavor and textural contrasts to the mildly-flavored broth and soft rice cake slices.

In Korea, steamed kimchi mandu is also popular as a street food and at restaurants.Continue reading