15 Korean Vegetable Side Dishes

Click here to Pin this collection of side dishes!15 Korean vegetable banchan dishesHere’s a collection of easy and healthy Korean vegetable side dishes (banchan, 반찬)! Mostly vegan! While these are staple dishes on the Korean table (bapsang, 밥상) that are enjoyed year round, they are certainly better with summer’s abundant fresh vegetables.

This comprehensive list covers many Korean cooking techniques (blanching, steaming, braising, and stir-frying) for vegetables and typical seasonings used for different vegetable side dishes. Whether you’re looking for a simple side dish or two for your Korean grilling, or an array of side dishes for other Korean meals, these banchan will complement just about any main dish! They are also great in bibimbap!

1. Kongnamul Muchim (Seasoned Soybean Sprouts)

Kongnamul muchim (Soybean Sprout Side Dish)

2. Sigeumchi Namul (Seasoned Spinach)

Korean spinach side dish

3. Oi Muchim (Spicy Cucumber Salad)

Oi Muchim (Spicy Cucumber Side Dish)

4. Hobak Bokkeum (Stir-fried Zucchini)

Hobak bokkeum (stir-fried zucchini)

5. Gaji Namul (Steamed Eggplants)

Gaji Namul (Eggplant side dish)

6. Sukju Namul (Seasoned Bean Sprouts)

Sukju namul (seasoned bean sprouts)

7. Oi Bokkeum (Stir-fried Cucumbers)

Korean side dish stir-fried cucumbers

8. Watercress Namul

Watercress namul

9. Mu Saengchae (Spicy Radish Salad)

Mu Saengchae (Korean Radish Salad)

10. Gamja Jorim (Braised Potatoes)

Gamja jorim (Soy braised potatoes)

11. Putbaechu (Young Cabbage) Doenjang Muchim 

putbaechu doenjang muchim photo

12. Mu Namul (Stir-fried Radish)

Mu namul (radish side dish)

13. Sesame Broccoli 

Sesame Broccoli

14. Gaji Bokkeum (Stir-fried Eggplants)

stir-fried eggplants

15. Mu Saengchae (Sweet and Sour Radish Salad) 

Musaengchae (Sweet and sour radish salad)


See here for a complete list of side dishes.

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  1. Fantastic!
  2. Hi Hyosun As usual love this! Here in Singapore, many of the Korean restaurants serve a crunchy lotus root in creamy sesame dressing and also a cold beige opaque'ish jelly (not quite sure what the infusion is). Do you by chance have the recipes for these, or are these localized Singaporean ban chan? Thank you so much! Li-Yong
  3. Bob Mahoney says:
    Thank you very much
  4. NisrinHedar says:
    awesome... now I can make it at home. Thank you so much.. Can I save oi muchim at fridge? Thank you
  6. Hi! It's a nice post btw. I'm gonna work in South Korea next year and wondering if i happen to buy some side dish from gwangjang market and store it in refrigerator, how long those banchan will last before it becomes stale? Thankyou
  7. I have tried 4 of these side dishes so far. Wonderful and so tasty!
  8. Dear Mrs. Hyosun, I'm Indonesian and really enjoy your Korean recipes on your blog! They're delicious at all! I tried some of them ^^ anyway, how long can I keep my sigeumchi namul in my fridge? Is it still fresh if I keep it for 2-3 days? Thank you ^^