15 Korean Soup Recipes

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15 Easy Korean Soup Recipes

It’s almost mid-March, but we’re expecting the biggest snowstorm of the season starting tonight. It’s actually the first real snow this winter. While these soups will definitely help you stay warm during cold days, soups are an essential part of Korean meals all year round. Some of these dishes are served as a main dish, and some are served to accompany other dishes as part of a main meal. This list includes many of the common soups enjoyed in Korean homes. Enjoy!

1. Kimchi Kongnamul Guk (Soybean Sprout Soup with Kimchi)

kimchi soybean sprout soup

2. Baechu Doenjang Guk (Korean Soybean Paste Soup with Napa Cabbage)

Baechu Doenjang Guk (Soybean paste soup with napa cabbage)!

Miyeok guk (Seaweed soup) with beef 
Kongnamul Guk (Soybean Sprout Soup)
Siguemchi guk (Spinach soup)
Galbitang (Beef Short Rib Soup)
 Mu guk (Radish soup)
Yukgaejang (Spicy Beef Soup with Vegetables)
Gamjaguk (Korean Potato Soup)
Samgyetang (Ginseng Chicken Soup) Recipe!
rice cake soup recipe
Gulguk (Oyster soup)

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  1. Sonia repaso says:
    I love cooking korean food, And i get your menu, Please share to me you new menu. Thank you...
  2. Looks so yummy. Will make this soon! Thanks!
  3. Ann Emmerich says:
    do you have this as a cookbook?
  4. Some of my favorites! You know what recipe I would love to see? Kkorriguk! I think it's oxtail broth basically? My grandmother used to make it all the time. I would eat it for breakfast before highschool everyday lol!
  5. YOLANDA B. JOVES says:
    I really love korean soup. It easy to make a simple and healthy yummy soup. Thank for sharing.
  6. Nice article. Do you have a recipe for chompong. Probably missed spelled. Seafood Korean soup.
  7. Pat Lazete says:
    Hi. I’m trying to get a recipe for Duk Mun Du. I’ve looked for a good easy recipe and can’t find one. Will you help me please. My email address [email protected] I hope you can help me. I buy this at a local restaurant but would like to make it at home when I want it. Thanks for your help.
    • Do you mean rice cake soup with mandu? Can you look at this recipe and see if it helps.See the notes for adding mandu. Hope this helps. Please let me know if this is not what you're looking for. https://www.koreanbapsang.com/2013/01/tteokguk-korean-rice-cake-soup.html
  8. Tiffany says:
    Thank you! Can you please share more slow cooker recipes? I love them! Thank you!
  9. I am from Philippines but i would like to try to cook the Dam Goktang i think its the same dish here in the Philippines the 'tinola'. Thank you for sharing your recipe.
    • Yes, it's dak gomtang (chicken soup). I already have my recipe on the blog: https://www.koreanbapsang.com/dak-gomtang-korean-chicken-soup/ Enjoy!
  10. Do you have a recipe for Beef Brisket with Dried Cabbage Soup?